Aston Martin and Bowmore may both boast rich legacies, but what the brands share above all else is an unwavering desire to innovate and evolve. Crafted as part of the brands’ ongoing partnership, Bowmore ARC-52 Mokume Edition epitomises this dedication.

The ARC-52 collaboration, released last summer, yielded 100 Aston Martin-designed decanters of Bowmore’s legendary 52-year-old single malt. The Mokume Edition stands alone as a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. And Sotheby’s presented a singular opportunity to own a piece of liquid history when auctioning this exceptionally rare whisky, never to be repeated, in May 2023.

More than just a coveted collector’s item, Bowmore ARC-52 Mokume Edition pays homage to the Isle of Islay through its visionary vessel. Inspired by the natural beauty of the black rocks in the bay of Loch Indaal, the very location of Bowmore Distillery, as well as the interior of the charred casks where the whisky matured, the carbon-fibre top of the decanter was meticulously designed to mirror the texture of mokume-gane, from which the edition takes its name.

Having commanded a staggering hammer price of £225,000 at auction, with the entire proceeds raised directed to enriching the lives of the Islay community, Bowmore ARC-52 Mokume Edition has not only become a symbol of luxury but also a force for positive change.