In a world of hype, the word ‘ultimate’ rarely means what it says. The DBS 770 Ultimate is the exception. Ultimate, because it’s the most powerful production Aston Martin ever. And Ultimate, because it’s the last of the current generation DBS – and all 499 examples have already found owners. From its uprated 700PS twin-turbo V12 to the re-engineered chassis, the DBS 770 Ultimate delivers ferocious performance without losing the continent-crossing refinement of an Aston Martin grand tourer. A new front splitter, dramatic horseshoe vent and deeper rear diffuser add to the visual drama. So enjoy this photographic celebration of the DBS 770 Ultimate: they saved the best till last.

The DBS 770’s clamshell bonnet now features a ‘horseshoe’ engine vent, keeping the 770PS quad-cam V12 cool at speeds of up to 211mph. A redesigned front splitter feeds cooling air to two enlarged outboard vents

The new rear diffuser helps to maintain the perfect aerodynamic balance front to rear. It’s part of a package of engineering refinements to suspension, steering, transmission and underbody to accentuate feel, response and agility

Unique multi-spoke 21” wheels are inspired by the Q Department’s one-off Aston Martin Victor. They’re available in Full Satin, Satin Black or (shown here) optional Satin Black with Diamond Turned finish. A new carbon fibre sill element visually lowers the side profile