In those analogue times, the only traction control system was the driver’s right foot. And a neatly timed burst of revs on a downchange was the product of human skill, not a software program. Valour brings all those sensations flooding back. A limited edition of 110, created to celebrate Aston Martin’s long and storied past, Valour is a pure, driver-focused machine that unites Aston Martin’s iconic 5.2-litre twin turbocharged V12 with a manual transmission. No auto option. No compromise. It’s built using state of the art materials and the skills of Aston Martin’s craftsmen and craftswomen. And created for those who trust their own judgement, not the guiding hand of AI. The old days? They’ve never looked so good. 

Classic Remastered: The DNA of past Aston Martin supercars is revealed in the upward flick of that Kamm tail. Beneath that sensuous, lightweight carbon-fibre bodywork beats a 5.2-litre V12, waiting to be unleashed. Pure and unfiltered.

Fight & Flight: There’s a hint of the 70s V8 Vantage in the hooded eyes and shark-like profile. And like the iconic Aston Martins that inspired it, Valour is not a car for the inexperienced. The rewards for taming it are sweet.